Not Surprising . . .

Although many of us have had an inkling, mildly speaking, that there is trouble brewing in the Catholic Church, the statistics we heard at Mass put it into a shocking perspective. For every new Catholic welcomed into the Church, six Catholics leave.

For anyone who is shocked and appalled at this statement . . . tell me, where have you been over the last several decades?

How did you miss the change wrought by the onset of feminism and it’s effect on the women, men, and children? Supposedly, women felt a need to climb down from the proverbial pedestal of respect and be treated like a man. Well, that isn’t working out too well as so many women turn their back on the real power of being a women, wife, and mother to spend their life trying to find themselves while demeaning men and just about anyone else that doesn’t agree with them. When would they have time for God. Besides, God is too Patriarchal for them.

Abortion isn’t a quiet issue as it is almost praised and revered for ‘freeing’ women from the unwonted burden of giving a child life. Lack of chastity and women’s newfound freedom isn’t working out all that well. Repentance and confession doesn’t fit into the mind set of their perceived freedom so they don’t need or want the disapproval of the Church or reminders about saints who gave up everything to respect God.

As has often been said in such times, it seems that good is now bad and bad is now the new good. Fake news, warped news, and liberal news confuse the masses to the point they can’t see going to Mass.

Modesty is ridiculed, fashions bare all, there are protests and parades in public you wouldn’t want your child to see. Freedom of speech is waning quickly. There is a lot more that could be said for the slippery slope on which we’ve set civilization. So, if you are shocked at the dwindling numbers of vocations and the people leaving the Church, again, where have you been?

If nothing else, the elections of President Trump’s predecessor should have been a major clue when over 50% of the Catholic vote in both of those elections went to elect a very staunch supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood. When you knowingly vote to help kill the unborn, it kind of makes honoring God a contradiction in terms.

Holding Hands is For Dating . . .

In the wake of Vatican II, many people/priests/bishops ‘translated’ parts of the Mass to suit their own desires in posture and prayer. Lately, however, there have been moves to bring the Mass back into how it should be celebrated not how some people like to celebrate it.

Found this great article on the subject that explains a lot of ‘lost’ meaning in an interesting and the correct way.

Dating Wisdom . . .

Given the world today with it’s lack of morality and dignity, I am often thankful that I no longer have to work my way through the dating circles trying to find a good, Catholic man. Seems that predators know that Catholic women are still looking for this ideal man and taking advantage of it. . .

Early Dating Red Flags of A Predator, Sociopath Or Abuser

Where Have All the Christians Gone . . .

It’s the news of the day that Islam could soon be the largest religion in the world with Catholics/Christians meandering in at second place. How could this happen? Our churches are still standing yet, in many cases the spiritual content and human presence is lacking. We were told to ‘go forth and multiply’ yet many couples replicate themselves and use birth control to stick to that magic number of four – a mother, father, son, and daughter.

My husband and I married a bit later in life so people applauded us when we had our first child, a son. Two years later, they were happy that we completed our family with a baby girl. Two years after that, they teased us about the oops when we welcomed a second daughter. However, when we produced yet another child four years after that, we got a lot of comment about ‘don’t we know the world is overcrowded’, we are supporting global warming, we don’t care about the environment . . . because we happily took home a fourth baby. And, many of these remarks came from other Catholics who seem to have forgotten the gift of a child. We figured that if God had these gifts to give, why not let Him make the decision on how many?

Is it any wonder the Christian numbers are declining while the Muslim ones realize the strength in numbers?

So, what happens when a religion fails to constantly present the faith necessary to promote and live the faith? The biggest change came in vocations. When parents have two, precious children and no more, are they likely to talk up vocations to them? I read a story about a group of priests who, in the course of their conversation, discovered they were all seventh sons. What a coincidence, what a blessing . . . what a sadness to realize that these days, many third or fourth babies won’t happen much less a seventh child. How many priests and religious have never found their way into the world in turn depriving other generations of people of their holy example?

A similarity between Islam and Christianity, is they are both strong religions with rules and percepts that have to be obeyed in order to realize an eternity. The problem comes in the fact that Catholics/Christians aren’t always having this enforced and reflected from their Baptismal promises.

It has always been a running joke that once a person has received Confirmation, the church isn’t likely to see them again until they decide a church wedding would be nice. The Eucharist isn’t always given It’s place as evidenced by the grinning, pushing, and chatting in the Communion line. Jesus is waiting at the altar to greet us in his fullness of love and we treat it as a social event and the happiness of Mass almost being over until the next Sunday. It would be interesting to see the reaction if a priest stopped distribution of Communion to demand quiet and reverence.

Modesty in attire doesn’t change from daily shopping to Sunday worship. The rules can be bent and I have had more than one priest tell me that we need to judge ourselves by our conscience. When there are go guidelines emphasized, consciences tend to soften up quite a bit. There are often up to a thousand parishioners in a parish yet less than hundreds at confession on a Saturday. Sunday is grudgingly given to God but Monday through Saturday is all for us.

We can’t just BE Catholics/Christians these days. We need to be a strong presence supported by the strong values and faith that should be a part of our life. Still, after decades of lowering birth numbers, weak religious instruction at home, softening of rules and clergy who seem to be almost afraid of actually saying out loud that you can’t just be a lukewarm good person to gain Heaven but a soldier for Christ, it might be verging on too late. We shouldn’t just pray for special intentions and only when needed but every day. The Rosary is the key to Heaven and the path to miracles . . . a miracle we need if we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a Christian world in sound faith and safety.

Twisting Truths to Satisfy Human Desires

Is is always amazing to me how many people raised in the Catholic Church and taught the truths often find ways to circumvent the truth. You can blame politics, you can blame the world, you can blame the Church but it comes down fallen angels who are ever ready to bring down the souls of men.