Sunny California . . . on Vacation!

Miracles of miracles . . . California finally got days of cold, rain, and even a couple of hail storms. The cats wanted to go out and check this out and the dogs wanted to come in yet neither group were allowed to be happy on this!

I did figure out something during all the driving I had to do during the storms. Half the California drivers don’t know how to drive in a rain storm . . . the other half only think they do.

What Makes California Happy?

Chaffey College's photo.All too true! The interesting part is that most California drivers don’t know how to drive in the rain which accounts for an increase in mishaps. The news people go crazy on having some actual weather to report other than heat and sunshine.
My dogs are curled up in their doghouses. They like the cooler weather but the ‘wet stuff’ you can keep. The inside cat like to view the weather from a warm spot. The semi-feral, outside cat waits for us to come back from an errand so she has a warm place to sleep on the hood of the car.P1000800Can you believe she's even pass on those jokes?