Another California Bill to Watch – SB128/AB2x 15 – Assisted Suicide

The “suicide bill,” SB 128, the bill defeated in July that would legalize doctor-prescribed death, is back as AB 2x 15 for a special session. AB 2x 15 is an attempt by bill authors to push bad legislation through without thoughtful consideration and discussion.

Stop this bill – contact your assembly member right away. Proponents seek to alleviate suffering, calling it “Right to Die” or “Death with Dignity”, but the legislation is far more radical than those names suggest… AB 2x 15 is “a hard pill to swallow.”

Contact your California state representative as soon as you read this information. We have just learned that assisted suicide will be brought to the floor of the Assembly today for vote. Vote could be as early as 10 am. today, September 9, 2015.