Buster Kitten’s Side Job

Buster Kitten has a new passion in life. He has his own little pot business. Uh, emphasis on “little pot” as in that is where we have been growing LAWN grass seeds for his addiction to it. He discovered that the lawn existed outside, where he isn’t allowed to go, so set up an impassioned bout of yowling meows if we went outside and didn’t bring him in some clippings. He spends ten minutes every day ‘trimming’ his ‘pot garden’ is a very happy cat.

The Animal Kingdom

Yesterday was vet day for our assorted animals. Appointments were made according to temperament. A dog on the leash with an irate cat is more of an experience than one would want to repeat. In this family, we try not to repeat history even the time my husband had to be treated by the vet when one of our cats had had enough.

Buster Kitten was on the afternoon appointment and took things very casually. He is a very curious cat and likes to sniff new environments. In spite of his double-digit poundage, the doctor said he was not fat just a really big cat. The assistants and doctor also ‘diagnosed’ his nose and teeth as cute but his eyes rated a beautiful. He came home after the checkup and chipping and sauntered out of the carrier and went for his nap behind our bed. As I said, he is a very calm and placid cat.