California Bills AB 775 and AB 117 -California Bills Backed by Planned Parenthood – Call!

This afternoon, the California state senate is returning to session and they may vote on two extremely dangerous pieces of legislation: AB 775 and AB 1177. A vote for these bills is a vote for Planned Parenthood. Please call the senators below today and urge them to vote no!

AB 775
This bill would force Pregnancy Resource Centers to advertise and refer clients for abortions! It is an outrageous attack on the conscience rights of non-profit centers which provide free services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and material resources to thousands of women each year in California.

AB 1177
This bill would let Planned Parenthood open new facilities without plans in place to accommodate for cases of emergencies arising from abortion complications.

Regardless of a politician’s position on abortion, voting “yes” on either of these bills is aligning him or herself with a criminal organization – Planned Parenthood.

Both bills are backed by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, which is currently facing national scrutiny for the selling of body parts harvested from aborted babies, caught on undercover video. Twelve states and three Congressional committees have launched investigations in PP’s disgusting trafficking of baby body parts, and PP has already been defunded by five states!

Can you take just five minutes to call your senators (below) and urge them to vote NO on these two bills today? Here are some talking points:

  • I urge a NO vote on AB 775. The state should not mandate referrals to Planned Parenthood, which is currently under investigation in twelve states for the harvesting and trafficking of baby body parts.
  • I urge a NO vote on AB 1177. Women who undergo risky second-trimester abortions deserve immediate transfer to a hospital if complications arise.
  • AB 775 and AB 1177 are backed by Planned Parenthood. A vote for these bills will align Senator (Name) with an organization that appears to be breaking federal law.