Standing Up for What’s Right and Good?

Not all the media is reporting news as it suits the president. We still have wonderful journalists who are not afraid to report the truth and encourage the caring people of this country to do something about what is going on and let the self-satisfied politicians in Washington Remember where they votes came from and where they won’t go next election. Greta Van Susteren posted this challenge on her Facebook page.


There should be a peaceful MARCH ON WASHINGTON – at least a million needed to get the attention of President Obama and world leaders! After WW2, people said of the execution of Jews, “we didn’t know it was going on.” What is MY generation’s excuse? We know! We even have videos protest washington dc

I just read about the ISIS execution of Ethiopian Christians. These executions are daily. And in ISIS’ barbaric style, ISIS videotaped it and put it on line to show (brag?)

And there is more today: Boko Haram adopts ISIS goal to wipe out Christians

How much more is the world going to tolerate? We need to show our priorities. No nation can do this alone. We need all good people, all good nations.

Like you, I don’t want to see one more Christian executed for his or her faith (or for any other reason or anyone else executed by these terrorists.) These horrible terrorists even execute little girls and boys and babies! How much more is the world going to tolerate? And worse, I fear it happens so often now that people are not shocked and hence not demanding our world leaders to join together and do what it takes to end this genocide.

Many nations (including the USA) are trying to stop ISIS, but trying is not enough — we need success. The fact that we are day after day seeing these videos of executions is proof – we are not succeeding. I know there are many problems here at home in the USA but looking back at my parents’ generation, they never said, in the face of genocide, we are too busy with our problems here. They didn’t turn their backs. They could multi task (handle problems here and overseas), can’t we? That generation did the right thing. We should, too — but it takes world leaders.

The only way to get world leaders’ attention, and this is a world problem, not just a USA problem, is by making a big statement….and frankly, I think people marching on Washington (and other nations’ Capitols) in big numbers would get attention. It has worked before. I don’t know what else to suggest. We need our leaders to know our collective priorities — and stopping this genocide is one of them.

Do you have another idea? If you do, post it here….we need ideas. I don’t pretend to have the answers – I just know we need to do something and it is our leaders who need to lead us and lead the world.

We can’t say “we don’t know or we didn’t know.” We do. We have videos.

PS We Americans do so well when we have a common goal (here pure evil) — we work together and don’t go after each other. smile emoticon VIA

Greta Van Susteren Facebook
Fox News


When people tell me I just don’t understand, it is usually coming from a liberal Democrat who will only start a conversation to tell me I just don’t understand. I have been blessed with more than my share of liberal Democrat relatives. Believe me, one such relative would be enough but having to tip toe through the liberal politically correct rules of speech can be exhausting. Interesting, too, in that they will send out a verbal jab to what I hold near and dear but the minute I refute their information with facts, they rather meanly exclaim, “But, let’s not talk politics!”

Yesterday, I was talking to such a person and since she lives in the area of Orlando, Florida, I said we had been following the current mass killing event and wasn’t it awful. I didn’t think I had made a controversial statement but her immediate reply was, “This is Trump’s fault, you know!” I decided not to follow in her mode of ‘conversation’ and merely said, “Well, one can’t always take the word of the media on these things.” I ventured that given the assumed source of the problem in the attack that at least he wasn’t making a campaign promise about bringing in 500,000 more ‘refugees’ like Clinton. I had to admire the height of this person’s ‘delightful’ naivete’ when she stated with much confidence, “As long as the government keeps us safe, I don’t care how many of them they bring in.” I decided to not remind her of the fact that we were currently dealing with a mass slaughter at that moment.

Turns out the perpetrator of this one-man attack has a rather radical friend, confident. Seems that ISIS has bestowed on him the title of a ‘fighter’ for the cause. And his father had a television show back in the old country wherein he defended al qaeda. Kind of shows our vetting system when his father came over didn’t quite cover all the potential issues. Fifty people died, including the killer and 50 are wounded. I don’t think they felt much protection had been available to them, especially since the attacker had been on a watch list.

Now, in order to keep us safe, the ACLU has come out and blamed Christians for the events that unfolded in Orlando early yesterday morning. The media is continuing to disrespect Trump for saying that we have to do a more thorough job of protecting our borders and dealing with unknowns who want to come in. The gun control bunch is revving up once again in spite of data that shows that gun control doesn’t work. Clinton is insulting Trump yet not coming up with any viable solutions. ISIS and company are rejoicing in their Ramadan offering. And, Pamela Geller who continuing reports the truth lost her Facebook page for her reporting. Last I heard, the father of the Orlando murderer still has his Facebook page going. None so blind as he who will not see so I guess my above-mentioned in-law will continue to feel safe because she will never see it coming . . .

None So Blind as He Who Will Not See

Recently there was an amateur art contest in the Netherlands, and people were invited to create a work of art depicting the current era of multiculturalism in Europe — a depiction of their experience in the modern ‘melting pot’. This was the winner:

Truth is in the Numbers

The number tell a different story on one of our most pressing and dangerous situations in the world today.

After Paris, Refugees Here? Invasion of the West.

It seems that 72 House Democrats are asking obama to import 100,000 refugees to America. You have to wonder about the mathematical abilities of democrats when they make a pronouncement/request for something of this sort.

Regardless of what the democrats would like us to believe, unemployment is still a problem. Dealing with the flow of people obama allowed to flood in the last two years is still a problem. The upcoming generations of college graduates struggle to find employment in line with the expensive years of study they put in at colleges and universities. Employers have had to cut down hours in order to keep their businesses open because of the financially impossible obamacare mandates. We are told that taking in refugees is a humanitarian effort. I have to wonder how humanitarian these democrats would consider this if many of these refugees were placed in their gated communities?

And, in order to cut down on gun-related deaths, there is a constant push for strict gun control and we can see how well that worked in various gun-free cities and states in the United States.

The students, over the years, have been indoctrinated with the made up fact that their self-esteem should be preserved regardless of the reality of the situation. School ban sports/games that might have ‘loser’s and everyone gets a blue ribbon for just participating so no one has hurt feelings. These children grow up to be self-serving college students and adults and we can read the news to see how that works out. We have a world of takers and a government who keeps spewing out money that doesn’t exist to insure that everyone has what they want when they want it.

So, while so many people are working hard to keep their heads above water in this economy, the House Democrats want to add to the tax burden to provide 100,000 and probably more refugees with everything many of us can’t have . . . and for free. Veering on the side of socialism won’t save the country as they seem to think when they initiate so many government programs to run our lives for us. Their lack of mathematical ability is pretty clear here as government programs are financed from our tax dollars. When they finally get everyone under the thumb of the government, there will be few to none people bringing in an adequate salary and you can’t milk taxes from people not paying taxes so, then what?

The politicians we have in office took an oath to represent the voters who graced them with the chance to represent them. I guess their esteem is so high that they assume they now know best and with the added financial support from special interest groups, the voters needs are soon forgotten. The last decade, there have been too many hashtags for feel good sentiments with no constructive reality.