Chicken at Any Price . . .

Since my daughter discovered the delivery service of fast food directly to one’s home at a reasonable cost, she now knows the in and outs of the process and what food places offer it. From the comfort of her room, she can now have a craving fulfilled with a simple ap on her phone.

She is not selfish with this find and will often ask if I want anything and even pay for it. We both like to try new things or revisit places that we hated years ago to see if they have improved along with the ‘home delivery’ option now.

Yesterday, she said that she wanted to try some Popeyes’s Chicken. We tried it about ten years ago and it was terrible but figured it could probably have been the fault of the particular one we stopped at. With the current chicken sandwich wars going on, she suggested we get some chicken tenders and fries from Popeye’s Louisana-style Chicken and find out how their current offering might have improved over time . . . and, besides, we were hungry!

She went back to her computer to check out the menu and called out questions to me as to what sauces and sides I wanted. About ten minutes later, she came out literally convulsed in laughter. When she could catch her breath, she said there seemed to be a glitch in the order so she had to cancel. When she got to the payment portion of the transaction, the food companies always show you a map with the place that will be delivering your order. She noted that the significant dot was displayed for our home but then saw that the originated site was shown to be in Louisana! The receipt also noted that delivery (This was at noon Califorina time) would be at 2:15 am . . . As mentioned, she quickly cancelled the order but remarked that it still listed two dollars as the delivery charge.

Still hungry, my daughter said, “I’m ordering tacos from Tio’s and I considered that the safest thing to do at this point!

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