Sounds Like Praying Needs to Start NOW!

The one thing Christians have on their side in the quickly-fomenting atmosphere of hate, terror, bigotry, and worse is prayer. Can you imagine what a massive multitude of like-minded Catholics/Christians/Jews could do with fervent, daily prayer for our president, our country, and the world? Anyone up for a 365-day Novena beginning July 13, 2019?

5 thoughts on “Sounds Like Praying Needs to Start NOW!

      1. Sounds great! I copied & pasted that into my Notes on my phone so I have it with me all the time!


  1. Let’s do this! But why stop in July? Our President needs our spiritual support through the last counted vote. Evil and tyranny are not going to take another defeat lightly. We need to hit them – HARD – and leave a mark. So they don’t imprint us with THEIRS.


    1. Well ‘D-Day’ is next July so we are planning to start THIS July and, hopefully, continue after President Trump wins AGAIN and throughout his second term in office. I posted A Prayer for our President and our Country a few days ago which is what we have been and will continue to offer for this intention.

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