One thought on “Abortion Will Deprive a Mother of Mother’s Day

  1. A horrible “procedure” – what could be more diabolical than the torment and murder of the most innocent and defenseless form of humanity – for “convenience”?
    So many triggered “feminists” have yelled at me that “It’s settled law!”
    I remind them that Dred-Scott (the classifying of Negroes as 3/5 of a white man), the 55-MPH speed limit, Prohibition, Jim Crow laws, various declarations of war… those were ALL settled law, too.
    They either walk away in disgust or roll their eyes in disbelief that I hold these “opinions”. I wish someday they’d understand the disgusting nature of their “choices”.
    But then I saw a picture this week of a protester against the Kentucky anti-abortion bill holding a placard that read, “REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS – PRO-CHOICE IS PRO-LIFE”
    Really?? Our very own holocaust… the spirit of “Arbeit Macht Frei” lives on…


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