A College Choice? Hardly!

The democrats want to lower the voting age to the Tide pod eaters and snowflakes of the country. Easy to understand their underhanded way to get votes from the untried brains of many of the youth today.

The other day, someone went out and interviewed college students about our country. Some COLLEGE students didn’t know who the first president was in our history. Another thought the Constitution came into play in the 1900’s. You can see why the eagerness of the left to give them the vote – VERY malleable minds.

My favorite interviews was questioning students about the Electoral College and what would happen to the Electoral College students if it was ‘closed down’. What a multitude of self-righteous young people who pontificated on the unfairness of closing down a college without forethought. Interesting that many of the interviewed had heard of the Electoral College but never bothered to think past the fact it had ‘college’ in its title so that’s what it was – a school of higher learning. One even vaguely seemed to think he knew generally where it was located!

Basically, parents, explain this important institution to your children even the younger ones lest you turn on your television or Facebook and find your own child voicing how little they know about the country.


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