Interesting Use of the Catholic Collection Plate . . .

4 thoughts on “Interesting Use of the Catholic Collection Plate . . .

  1. I never, ever give to special collections because of these questionable issues. The only donation I give weekly is the one that goes directly into our parish fund for building maintenance & staffing. The others just cannot & should not be trusted. Sad but true.


  2. The main reason we don’t give to “special collections” or “The Bishop’s Fund” – other than for retired religious, we never know where the money goes. Even though the diocese takes what they want from our parish fund already, I refuse to enable their socialist schemes and fiscal mismanagement.

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    1. We give a set amount every week that is basically to go for the utilities and upkeep of the church. The DDH and other funds go directly into the trash. Given our bishop’s relative silence on the recent laws condoning abortion/infanticide, we may even reduce that amount. Also read somewhere that Catholic Charities have received funding from the government in relation to settling people in our country.


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