Sad Quote of the Day . . .

“Any Catholic or Mother who can look at their Children and then go out to Vote Democrat knowing the Democrat Party fully supports the Killing of Babies with a Heartbeat are “NOT” True Catholic or a Mother.”

What is interesting is how many women seem to think this is justifiable. Former president obama was very pro-abortion. During his term in the Senate, he tried to overturn the ‘born alive’ act for babies who survived abortion. Yet, even though that information was very much available, over 50% of the Catholic vote went to him in both elections.

Hillary clinton ran on a strong abortion platform and, to this day, I have relatives who don’t keep in contact because they resent me having voted for President Trump rather than the first woman to ever run.

To be a Catholic means (at least to me!) is obedience to the Ten Commandments and the Laws of the Church. Thou Shalt Not Kill is very much in evidence in said Ten Commandments. Sad to say, however, during the last three presidential elections, nothing was said from the pulpit about voting what is right over what is politically pleasing. Also, since I read that the Catholic Bishops are against the wall and since 50% of the Catholic vote went to obama’s elections, I’m thinking many of our spiritual leaders in the church voted political agendas over the safety of the unborn. Yes, you can offer a multitude of prayers for the safety of our future born and unborn babies but if you don’t follow through with Christlike values when you vote, you are party of the death squad.

One thought on “Sad Quote of the Day . . .

  1. Unfortunately, even though it is a rector’s RIGHT and DUTY to speak from the pulpit about politicians and political issues, most have been subjugated or silenced by the lawyer mafia that gets triggered whenever “separation of church and state” is VIOLATED from inside a church. Of course, these events are themselves triggered by the Quislings of the left within our midst, who have sold their souls willingly to the Pharisee class and the “P.C. Police” of the legal system.


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