Eating Healthy Isn’t All THAT Bad!

My husband has some dietary concerns so I’ve spent my almost 34 years with him evolving our meal menus to keep him in good health. In the course of my research and new recipes, we have learned to enjoy a lot of vegetables, etc., we never thought we’d ever find in our kitchen.

When I was growing up, frozen vegetable started appearing in the markets. If you are of an age to have tasted the first attempts a frozen peas, you will understand why a lot of us grew up hating anything with the word ‘vegetable’ in it!

Fortunately, I had somewhat discerning children who usually ate their vegetables without TOO much complaint especially if said meal was followed by cake or ice cream. These days, it is a rush to serving yourself vegetables as my children will take the majority of them. It only took years of me experimenting and finding ways to make the dreaded vegetable portion of dinner tasty.

These days, everyone’s favorite cooking method for vegetables is cutting squash, cabbage, broccoli, etc., into chunks, tossing them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other herbs and spices that sound good to you. (Want a really good source of great herbs and spices? You lay the prepared vegetables out on a parchment paper line baking sheet and bake for about 10-15 minutes or until there is a slight browning and they are JUST tender. You can have grated Parmesan on the table for a tasty addition.

I never ate Kale until about five years ago. Now it goes into salads, soups, stews, and often gets roasted for a fun, vegetable side dish. Easy, too! Just tear the leaves in large pieces from the woody stem and soak in a bowl of water with a fourth cup of vinegar for about five or ten minutes, rinse, and pat dry. You can do this ahead and roll the rinsed Kale in paper towel, cover in saran wrap, and refrigerate until needed. In a large bowl, toss the leaves with enough olive oil to give it a LIGHT shine. You don’t want to drown it. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, etc. So many choices to be had from the spice shelf! Arrange the leaves on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees until the leaves are crisp to the touch.

A College Choice? Hardly!

The democrats want to lower the voting age to the Tide pod eaters and snowflakes of the country. Easy to understand their underhanded way to get votes from the untried brains of many of the youth today.

The other day, someone went out and interviewed college students about our country. Some COLLEGE students didn’t know who the first president was in our history. Another thought the Constitution came into play in the 1900’s. You can see why the eagerness of the left to give them the vote – VERY malleable minds.

My favorite interviews was questioning students about the Electoral College and what would happen to the Electoral College students if it was ‘closed down’. What a multitude of self-righteous young people who pontificated on the unfairness of closing down a college without forethought. Interesting that many of the interviewed had heard of the Electoral College but never bothered to think past the fact it had ‘college’ in its title so that’s what it was – a school of higher learning. One even vaguely seemed to think he knew generally where it was located!

Basically, parents, explain this important institution to your children even the younger ones lest you turn on your television or Facebook and find your own child voicing how little they know about the country.

Rosaries . . .

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is getting to be a crazy, obnoxious, even dangerous place. Could it be that we are losing a lot of that ‘old time religion’ in the midst of all the distractions in life – Good and bad?

Time to remind people to get out their Rosary supplies and put your prayer into working condition and make some Rosaries to send out into the world. Pope John Paul once told someone that the Rosary is the ‘key to heaven’. In order to remind you or provide you with places to check out for learning to make Rosaries, I’m providing links below.

The first, St. Paul’s Evangelization, is a group that does street ministry and training. They are expanding and are always in need of Rosaries. This has been my choice for the last couple of years.

Our Lady’s Rosary Makers provides other venues that are in great need of Rosaries both in the USA and in other countries. They also sell the cord, beads, and crucifixes for making both chain and cord Rosaries along with tools and instructions.

In the last year or so, I found another site for purchasing beads. The prices are reasonable, shipping is quick, and the variety is great.

Amazon also has some beads at reasonable prices. Remember that you are looking for 8mm and 10mm beads – Hail Mary and Our Father bead sizes for a regular Rosary.

Remember that it is very likely that you will spiritually benefit from every Rosary you make. Why? Because, in many cases, the Rosary you make could very well bring someone back to prayer and God which is a blessing to you, too, for your time and sacrifice in making the Rosary.

Making the Measles Go Away . . .

The people of Rockland County, New York were faced with an interesting ban this week. Given the major outbreak of measles in that county, there is now a 30-day ban on allowing unvaccinated children in public places which includes ANY public place. In addition to schools, the ban includes the mall, play parks, restaurants, even churches.

According to the news, this particular county reports over 150 people being infected since Fall 2018. All indications seem to point to seven unvaccinated people who came into the county with measles. Statistics from CNN said the number of confirmed cases of measles in the US just in 2019, was 314 which about half being in this one county. In 2000, health officials said the disease had been eliminated in the United States. We now face growing epidemics.

One of the complaints from the anti-vaccine side is that the ones with the measles should be quarantined, not the healthy ones. However, measles can incubate and be contagious before a parent is even aware the illness is present. That leaves a lot of wiggle room to pass on the contagion just be being in schools, etc., sneezing, touching, and sharing the chance of making other people sick.

Is the ban fair? In this particular county, statistics show that 73 percent of the under 18 population is unvaccinated. Should majority rule here and the ban be lifted as more people have the capability of contracting and sharing the measles?

Measles can be a deadly or life-impairing disease. Sure, deaths of permanent damage might not be the norm BUT the norm might be there for some infant who hasn’t had their baby shots yet or a child with a compromised immune system.

Someone told me once that he did not believe in vaccines as we should live by the ‘survival of the fittest’ . . . I don’t think that is a great premise as healthy children can die and the sickly can survive.

Sure, we should petition and write to the various companies that produce vaccines and request they develop the purest forms of vaccines that don’t make use of aborted babies. I wonder about the people who have come and gone in my life that ridiculed me for choosing to vaccinate, if they have ever written to their pediatricians or the pharmacy companies with their concerns and encouragement to upgrade their vaccines to a more acceptable format.

Every decision in life has consequences and we need to think about and ponder our choices. If someone decides to ignore this ban and take their child to school or other public places, who is responsible for another child getting sick.