You Enjoy Girl Scout Cookies? Follow the Money . . .

Tis the cookie season as the Girl Scouts are outside the stores selling their wares now. Everyone has a favorite cookie and every scout troop is out to sell as many as they can to support all their yearly functions and, perhaps, be the highest selling troop this year. One observant person decided to trace the money trail and the results were not good.

4 thoughts on “You Enjoy Girl Scout Cookies? Follow the Money . . .

  1. We were just having this conversation while out grocery shopping this morning! In addition to this, just the mere insanity of BSA (Boy Scouts) now allowing girls in and then having “all girl” groups … uh, does anyone else find this to be beyond awkward?!


  2. I bought some from a coworker, who was distressed to hear me detail the abortion connection. He and his family are not Catholic, but they do respect life. Looks like they’ll have to make some hard choices regarding their participation in these enterprises.


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