What Stood Out at The State of the Union Address

The democratic women in attendance revealed their colors, last night, when President Trump said he wanted to ban late-term abortion. With snarls on their faces and folded arms, they unified themselves in their desire to have babies killed right up to the ninth month.

2 thoughts on “What Stood Out at The State of the Union Address

  1. Don’t worry about them – they’ve made up their collectivist hive mind and are determined to foist the will of Satan upon every fool that will listen. Let us pray for their hearts and minds to be opened… and for the end of this horror of abortion in our beloved country. 60 million murdered American babies… and that’s just since 1974. How many died at the hands of Margaret Sanger and her eugenicists? We don’t even have a count of the numbers from Russia or China – and other “enlightened” socialist/fascist “republics”.


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