Cuomo’s View of Civilization . . .

“Watch the wrinkles on Cuomo’s face lengthen as the ramifications of the thousands of murders he has sanctioned come to bear on him. The NY legislature has created a new Auschwitz dedicated to the execution of a whole segment of defenseless citizens. Satan is smiling.”

Tweet by Music Legend, Charlie Daniels



4 thoughts on “Cuomo’s View of Civilization . . .

  1. The resistance against this murder spree better be LOUD and INCESSANT. In an age where information comes from many sources and can be verified, there can be no excuse of “I didn’t know!” when we stand at the altar of judgement.


    1. Ten times even more horrible when you hear from all the doctors who have delivered babies and said there is NO reason to abort during the trimester. And what kind of doctor can kill an infant that survives an abortion at nine months along and then is murdered. The world is beyond crazy and evil.


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