Murder For Hire . . .

Any way you look at it, when you opt to end your unborn baby’s life, aren’t you hiring a professional to take care of the ‘matter’ for you? New York state is obviously trying to make a name for themselves but I don’t think voting in a bill making abortion legal right up to practically giving birth to a nine-month baby will earn them a good name.

Sometimes, it is impossible to understand the mindset of a woman who decides that choosing the death of a baby is right and good and the convenient way to take care of a ‘situation’. After all, it is her body . . .  Except for the fact that it is NOT her body that is literally being ripped limb from limb. And, besides, some woman will think, what would I do with a baby and what is one less baby in the world anyway. What difference would it make? The chart in the title line shows you what difference it will make.

One thought on “Murder For Hire . . .

  1. That “It’s MY body!” argument holds no water. If it was the case, then the woman having the abortion would be the one that dies. That specious argument only works for the selfish, the delusional, and the irresponsible. Doesn’t work for me – I don’t care who you are.


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