Are Black Cats Back Luck?



Our semi-feral cat, Fresh, is an interesting little ball of black fur with very sharp claws hidden away but always at the ready. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She owns the garage (and we are not about to argue the fact with her!) but likes to come in the house every morning and taunt our other cats. When she wants out, she will come over to wherever I am and pat me on the knee with her tiny paw. Then she wanders off for about ten minutes and comes back and taps my knee with a bit of claw. IF I am distracted and don’t respond to her at that point . . . Let’s just say that I have the scars to proof my absentmindedness on that score.

I’m the only one that can pick up up and pet her but for only seconds at a time. She will purr happily and then display the arsenal at her toe tips and immediately put her down and back away.

Although she is a fantastic mouser, she loves to take away the toys from the other cats and play with them while they nervously sit a few feet away and watch . . . carefully.

The other day, she found a project in my sewing box that I had begun but didn’t finish. I had purchased some three or four inch muslin dolls and was planning to embroider features on them and clothe them . . . but I didn’t get past the face part and there it sat in my ‘to do’ sewing someday. Fresh discovered it and decided this was the toy for her which has turned out to be rather freaky. She really loves batting that ‘little person’ doll around, trying to tear into its limbs, chewing on its face . . . Okay, let’s face it. Being totally black with huge yellow eyes and a knowing look, my husband claims it is her voodoo doll only we don’t know who it represents. We are really nice to her, these days, and if she demands a snack between meals, who are we to deny it to the sweet kitty?

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