Think Hard About Your Vote in 2020 . . .

The democrats are already busy flexing their political muscles on two important aspects of our country. The one Pelosi seems very adamant about is making sure that tax payers share the burden of a voluntary ‘medical procedure’ . . . the painful murder of babies in the womb. No matter what each individual feels about abortion, she wants to make sure taxes from our hard-earned incomes go towards, basically, murder. And, the second major topic of the new regime is the government aid still pouring in for people who came to our country illegally. Again, Pelosi and her ilk need and take that from the taxpayers. California talks about free medical for everyone including non-citizens. Did they replant the burned down forests of last year’s horrible fires (again, a good part of which is government’s fault) with sturdy money trees to cover this? Mathematically, this isn’t good math.

Looking over all the happy prospects put forth from the democrats, I don’t see any breaks for the taxpayers. I don’t see any freedom of choice as to where our money goes. And to continue the misery they seem to want to spread, they are adamantly against protecting our border and welcoming in untold numbers of people not properly vetted, many of which have already been proven to be in gangs, felons, and murders. Why does Pelosi, etc., give these people free run of our country while we have to think about security for our homes, protecting ourselves, and dealing with a multitude of other crimes minor and major. A young policeman was recently murdered in cold blood leaving behind a wife and young child. I just read that Facebook closed down a site who labeled the killer as an illegal . . . which he is. Why is it that the politicians that tout socialism and share and share alike have unimaginable stockpiles of ready cash, huge homes, and walls around their mansions?

One thought on “Think Hard About Your Vote in 2020 . . .

  1. Until individuals collectively refuse to pay taxes to the genocidal government, this will not end. But everyone is afraid of the IRS, RICO, judicial excesses and the system of laws so convoluted and complex that no taxpayer can navigate its Byzantine mazes of bureaucracy. And with good reason – who loses the most when honest, moral, working taxpayers end up losing homes, income, and financial independence for the sake of zealous government lawyers? Not the system, definitely.


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