Changes in the New Year?

Interesting how neighbors have incorporated fireworks into the liberal liturgy of New Year’s Eve. Not only are we ‘blessed’ with nightly fireworks starting more than a month before the Fourth of July, we were graced with unexpected explosions and terrified pets for Christmas and New Year’s this year.

Some neighbor started a party going around eight last night but double-paned windows seemed to dull it down . . . until some of them decided to brave the cold and head out to their patio to start playing some metal string guitar (badly) accompanied by fireworks. I don’t think they were trying to blend or stay in sinc . . . because they weren’t.

We’ve found a way to get past the musical/explosive events in our neighborhood – we have a large and noisy fan that successfully blocks out the worst of the noise. However, as if they sensed that their ploys to destroy our much-needed sleep were being thwarted, around ten, it sounded like the drinking had hit an all time high or a fight was ensuing.  Just as I was wondering if we should check on this and either call the police or let them thin the herd, I fell asleep. I guess late hours and   hangovers are  required to enjoy whatever football games are happening today.

Perhaps, I should go over around six this morning and ring their doorbell long and loud and cheerfully call out a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Or, perhaps not . . .

One thought on “Changes in the New Year?

  1. I would have done that (wished them a Happy New Year at 4:00) – and told them that my wishes are from the heart, as I have to go to work today and appreciated their celebrating the previous night to remind me of the joyful season it is.


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