If You Weren’t Aborted, Be ProLife!

Interesting . . .

I just read that up to ten states are deciding or have decided to ban dismemberment abortions. One has to sit back a moment and think about that statement. Here we are almost in the beginning of 2019 and we have to vote on whether or not to chop up a tender, unborn infant that is obviously too large for the regular scraping, slicing, suction, etc. I’m not savvy with the ways and means of killing an unborn but I imagine there are many systems to throw away a helpless human life.

We are supposedly in a civilized society yet the people (who obviously survived abortion) are seriously debating the issue of cutting up a live baby or not. I guess there is a reason they want to dismantle God’s creation before the child reaches the outside world. They might actually see the sudden shock and pain on the infant’s face when they engage in their killing attack. Baby on the inside, not murder. Baby gets out alive in spite of ‘medical’ efforts . . . might get a chance to live but probably not as life conflicts with abortion which is death.

So, we have elected men and women discussing the future demise of unborn but possibly near-term babies as a political resolution and not a human one. Some reporter with character should ask them why an unborn baby killed in the process of a crime would be considered murder while chopping up (excuse me, dismemberment!) a near term ‘fetus’ is a procedure.

One thought on “If You Weren’t Aborted, Be ProLife!

  1. Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill” was vetoed AGAIN. I really fear the judgement we will face for allowing this genocide of innocents to continue after 44 years.


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