Peace and Quiet – A Lost Art Before a Catholic Mass!

The pre-Mass atmosphere is more like people waiting for a program to begin as they rustle through the program aka the weekly church bulletin. Conversations in stage whispers abound and some people travel from pew to pew to meet and greet with friends . . . the ones they will probably meet and greet with when they exit after Mass.

There is a family that sits a couple of pews behind us and we know them only by way of their young grandchildren. The mother actually brings storybooks to read to them before and one time even during Mass . . . out loud! We think, “How nice for the grandchildren to visit . . . when are they going home!”

One woman goes from pew to pew, sits down and chats at each stopping place . . . out loud with much laughter.

A pastor once explained that attending Sunday Mass begins when you get up in the morning and get ready for Mass. It’s a time to be kinder, more helpful and happy to be heading to receive God in Communion. When you get to Mass, the church should be quiet and peaceful as everyone is taking the time to prepare for the celebration of our Faith to come.

2 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet – A Lost Art Before a Catholic Mass!

  1. There is no respect or sense of propriety for so many of our fellow Catholics when it comes to understanding the need for 1.) Solitude, and 2.) Quiet. Seems they all have a need to be boisterous, gregarious, and in-your-face social.
    I’ve had NUNS (when I was in school) tell us “Why are there hermits as saints? Why are there cloistered nuns? Jesus taught us to “Go and spread the Word of God to all who will listen” – if you don’t practice your faith with others, how can you call yourself Christian?” And so many people get SO vexed when you don’t engage in their banter, or want to shake hands, or approve of the rock band in front of the altar, or just want to be LEFT ALONE TO PRAY IN SILENCE. It’s so much better to raise your hands and rock back and forth in “communion” with your brothers and sisters, isn’t it?


    1. We are adamantly non-handholders or shake hands at the Sign of Peace. One time, Carl had an awful cold and the guy behind him kept pounding him on the back into the Lamb of God to shake hands. Carl said he had a cold and the guy said, “You can’t pass on germs with the Sign of Peace!” so Carl turned around grabbed the guy’s hand and said, “Better hope not!” One woman in our church got her arm wrenched by some guy who insisted she was going to raise her hand in prayer at the Our Father! Memories 😦


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