You Might Be Catholic If . . .

This was found on the Internet: You might be Catholic if . . .

✝You speak English as a second language (after Latin)

✝Your response to even the slightest, teeniest little difficulty is, “I’ll say a Novena.”
✝You know all the words to “Tantum Ergo” and “O Salutaris” (without sneaking a look in the back of the missalette)
✝When your house burns down, your car gets totaled, you lose your job, and you end up in traction in the hospital, you say, “Let’s Offer It Up.”
✝At least one of your Rosaries has turned gold.
✝When you retire, you plan to enter a Dominican monastery.
✝You can remember the Baltimore Catechism.
✝You’re too young to remember the Baltimore Catechism, but you’ve got it memorized anyway.
✝Your idea of a really swinging time is a May Crowning Procession.
✝When you go to bed at night, you leave room on your pillow for your Guardian Angel.

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