Democrats and Reason . . .

Never ask how low the democrats can go to push their own agenda because they work very hard at trying to see how low they can go.

Now, isn’t it true that democrats donate funding to their various agendas and if they have a group or business that would welcome money in turn for supporting their democratic brethren, I have yet to hear anyone threaten or chastise them. Remember how they supported the restaurant that kicked out Sarah Sanders?

Well, In-N-Out dared to donate a check to the Republican faction and you’d think they had presented the check in person with a mob carrying disrespectful banners about the conservatives. You know, like the democrats usually handle things? Nope, In-N-Out gave the Republicans  a donation and the democrats didn’t like it so they, as usual, verbally attacked and started another turmoil in town.

Well, I have taken note of this concern. We have an In-N-Out within walking distance from home. I’m thinking of going over there these weekend and give them . . . money in exchange for one of their great hamburgers and fries. Maybe I will give them a twenty and force them to have to make change. That will show them, right!

2 thoughts on “Democrats and Reason . . .

  1. The agendists have no end to their hypocrisy and intolerance. The fact of the matter is that In-N-Out has donated to both sides, in support of candidates and causes which further THEIR agenda of business-friendly climate. Dems and liberals just can’t take anyone not 100% behind their small-minded tyrannies. All I can say if I’ve personally been seeing more of Chick Fil-A and In-N-Out since I became aware of the leftist hatred… and a lot less of PepsiCo and Starbucks product lines.


    1. Yeah, why is it a ‘free world’ when they speak garbage or donate heavily to their agendas and we can’t put our money where we want? Sounds like we are dealing with two year olds. Chick Fil-A and In-N-Out are almost only only go-to places for a treat these days, too. We have a StarBucks across the road from us but more enjoy the drive down two blocks to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.


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