Reviewing Renewals and What They Represent

It seems always every week there is something in our lives giving notice that a renewal is due from the entertainment factors to insurance. I just got a renewal notice from AMAC. What is AMAC? Association of Mature American Citizens which is a match in benefits and information with AARP – American Association of Retired Citizens. Both claim to be nonpartisan but AARP supports a lot of things of which we might not like to be a part of by way of our renewal payments.

We joined AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens five years ago and enjoy their magazine and their outlook on the world and politics. Of course, there are the people who stand by whatever AARP represents but since AARP doesn’t take everyone’s view into consideration, you might check out AMAC. The membership fees are very reasonable and they offer scores of discounts and other insurance possibilities. AND, your membership fees will never be put towards political or moral standards that are not in line with your own.

2 thoughts on “Reviewing Renewals and What They Represent

  1. Thanks for the referral. We’ll definitely look into them. AARP lost any respect they might have had from me once they announced support for the “Affordable Care Act”, and the leftist policies of democrats in general.


    1. And in the second link, just look at the laundry list of liberal agendas this ‘nonprofit’ uses customer money for . . . We signed up for AMAC when it first started and haven’t had a problem and are happy to see more and more options for post retirement needs.


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