Angels of the Eucharist

A priest friend shared this with me long ago. It really brings into realty the ways of the world and the ways of God.


“I once read of a Chinese girl in Communist China who hid in a church and watched soldiers ransack the tabernacle and spill the Hosts on the floor. The guards left but she stayed in hiding, picking up a Host, one a day with her tongue, not realizing she could have consumed all the Hosts because of the profanation. She returned every day and picked up one Host with her tongue out of her total respect for the Eucharist.

On the last day, being the last Host, as soon as she consumed it, she was shot by a guard who had followed her into the church. Angels of the Holy Eucharist watching over us from heaven!”

4 thoughts on “Angels of the Eucharist

  1. How sad that she had to die at the hands of a communist atheist. Blessed that her last act in this life was receiving the Lord. I’ve heard many stories of Chinese barbarism during the “cultural revolution” – one in particular of the soldiers forcing Catholics to kneel, put out their tongues as if for Communion, then running bamboo spears through their tongues before executing them for being “counterrevolutionaries”. Hatred and intolerance – the hallmarks of the communists – as well as their savagery.


    1. Hatred and intolerance . . . kind of sounds where our country is headed today. Did you hear about an 18-year old rapist who had his entire eight-year sentence overruled as they couldn’t be sure that the eleven year old girl, tied up and crying, was really consenting!


  2. I heard of that abomination – what judge and jury would come up with a decision like that? And not even ONE countering juror to throw the case out for retrial?


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