The Pope and the Death Penalty

Recently, the pope came out with a change in the Church’s view of capital punishment. I’m sorry to say that he doesn’t seem to have gone beyond an emotional view on this versus the Church and Church History. One of his main concerns is that capital punishment executions takes away a person’s dignity and time in reviewing his redemption. At no point did he mention what was taken away from the victim(s) or their families. Before victims were brutally murdered, were they allowed reflection on their pending mortality and redemption before being forcibly pushed into the afterlife on the whim of a murderer?

4 thoughts on “The Pope and the Death Penalty

  1. Yes, questionable, as well as his position on immigration???? Maria

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    1. He is getting quite a list of questionable decisions: his praise for Martin Luther, sacraments to the divorced, immigration, ignoring the request of the cardinals for a meeting according to protocol, and now thinking he knows better than God and the Bible on capital punishment . . . Really sad when you hear conservative talk show hosts refer to the leftist in the Vatican.


  2. Capital punishment is reserved for the worst – so that they don’t continue with their murderous behaviors. The left will have a field day reviling those that want to hold the worst accountable – because they seem to “think” that an unborn, innocent-of-everything human being is the same as a hardened criminal, in their definition of life.


    1. Good point re. the ongoing murder of the unborn. It is okay for a doctor to horribly tear apart an unborn child and use it’s body parts for ‘science’ and goodness knows what BUT a hardened criminal that does the same to another human being needs compassion.


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