Things You Don’t Want to Hear When Cleaning the House

We hardly got finished with Spring Cleaning (and don’t look at me like that! I did some dusting this year!),  and it is time to start some preliminary sorting and discarding as Fall gradually comes around the corner.

Things You Don’t Want to
Hear When Cleaning
1. I moved the sofa. Just asking, did we find all the eggs last Easter?
2. Why are there 25 children’s vitamins under the refrigerator?
3. Do we have any really big ant traps?
4. How can you tell how long a mouse has been dead?
5. There is green stuff oozing out of the refrigerator door.
6. The local museum wants to do an archeological report on the dust findings under our bed.
7. Do we have more than one cat?
8. Is he supposed to be spray painting the dead grass out front green?
9. I cleaned out the fish tank. Have you seen the fish?
10. Will blue food coloring come off dog fur? And did you see the dog go by?

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