2 thoughts on “This Would Definitely Have My Vote!

  1. I’m dead-set against ANY forced conscription. Having been on the receiving end of the Selective Service System’s “participation award” (Draft Card) in the early seventies, I am not a big fan of any government-run program that forces one to go die for whatever the current “national or international emergency” may be… HOWEVER… I am heartily FOR sending troubled youth into the military, since most simply lack personal organization skills and discipline. This is probably a better and cheaper solution than incarceration, which only gives us muscle-bound sociopaths who have learned the skillsets of better criminal behaviors during their lockup.


    1. I think that having to serve a mandatory two years stateside with the option of going into a full military situation with overseas assignments, etc. would be a good idea. Two years of discipline would change a lot of these snowflakes around.


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