One of a Kind Books – My Personal Summer Reading List . . .

While once figuring out the reading list for our homeschooling children, my husband and I came up with our own ‘choices’. (by Barbara and Carl Barthelette)

Prunes and Prejudice – A family decides that health is more important than what people think about their diet.
Withering Heights – A scientific look at global warming in Tibet.
Cents and Sensibility – A practical book which shows how financial help can be done with sensitivity.
Great Expectorations – A true story about a young boy’s dreams to win the annual spitting contest
Drapes of Wrath – A young housewife fights depression as she struggles to get her home decorating woes sorted out before her husband’s mother visits.
The Son Also Rises – A mother’s continued efforts to get her son up in time for Mass.
The Rise and Fall of the Third Bike – A young boy tries to learn to ride a bike on his own. In the process he not only learns a valuable lesson but destroys two bicycles.
The Bungle Book – The dummy’s guide on how to undo complicated entanglements in life of their own stupid making.
Little House in the Big City – Pa and Laura fight city hall when they want to build city hall in Pa’s corn field.
Miracle on 1/4th Street – A very short story that deals with more of a coincidence than a miracle. Easy reading.
Old Green – A very strange dog story.

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