Be a Considerate Patriot on Fourth of July

It would be nice if people would be considerate about the explosions they set off for the Fourth of July. Like most communities, these days, the firework blasts started a week ago and we already had one night of illegal fireworks going off from nine until midnight. I think the joy of matches and noise override many people’s  possible thoughtfulness. I can’t even imagine the pain and stress for veterans having experienced the ‘real deal’ in a battle confrontation.

My dogs have been a quivering pair of anguished animals for the last few days. It always takes them a week or so to go back to normal.

Another thought is that with the drought season in full play for several years now, you’d think the cities would provide organized fireworks shows and ban the careless neighborhood fire freaks from showing off their lack of expertise in lighting matches. City Council people are too busy constantly campaigning to deal with such issues but give us some amusement when they call asking for votes. We just tell them that we never  vote for incumbents. They usually hang up fast as I don’t think they know what that word means!

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