Seems Obvious . . . Unless You are Looking For God in All the Wrong Places

I noticed on television there is a show about someone who ‘talks to spirits’ and seems to know things she shouldn’t about people she ‘reads’ for in her line of work. Amazing as it might seem, why has she never run into a clamoring spirit that wants to get in touch with their wife, friend, or relative who isn’t in a good place in eternity. They are all happily enjoying eternity and you have to wonder if only good spirits get in touch or . . . The ‘seerer’ sort of woman is also Catholic and, again, I have to muse over the fact that her pastor hasn’t mentioned to her that this isn’t condoned by the Catholic Church.

If you look for a portal into the ‘other side’, you just might find it and it might not be in line with the needs and protection of your soul.

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