One of My Favorite Books!

Title: The Porter of St. Bonavaenture’s
Author: James Patrick Derum

Barney Casey was a typical American boy who love baseball, his family and God but definitely not in that order! His was a lumberjack, a prison guard and a motorman on some of the first streetcars in America. His various job ventures didn’t evolve into his ultimate career. At the age of twenty one, he entered the seminary as Father Solanus Casey. His grasp of theology was considered sub-standard. Although he was ordained, he spent all of his sixty years as a Capuchin friar doing menial monastery tasks.

God, however, had great use for this humble man and he literally became spiritual counselor to thousands of people. Many inexplicable miracles were attributed to his intercession during his life.

Saint stories are loved by all of us but it is especially rewarding to discover a person of saintly qualities within the time frame of our own century. After reading this book you will know you have found a friend in Heaven.

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