‘Growing Up’ Little Dresses for Africa

As many of you know, I love to sew and enjoy making dresses for Little Dresses for Africa. Needless to say, dresses of all sizes are needed. The basic pattern is simple to sew but once the little girls are heading into teen years, the original pattern could possibly be a little snug around the hips. My current ‘invention’ is to cut off the original pattern at the waist and then either half again or double the fabric for the skirt. It makes a becoming dress and there is more freedom of movement. Also, it is a good way to use bits and pieces of fabric to extend the width by getting artistic in how you add the extra fabric to the skirt. This is my trial run so we will see how things go!

I provided a closeup of the waistline to show how the gathers went and the extra row of stitches for wear and tear. I’m finding there are lots of ways to make a basic pattern into something different.


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