6 thoughts on “Fiction, the New Truth in Circles Way, Way to the Left . . .

  1. The truth HURTS.And it hurts the left because they can’t wrap their little pointy heads around anything but the next cup of socialist koolaid. They deny it.You can show the statistics, give the FACTS, give the history, and point out the obvious. And they will tell you you’re WRONG, ignorant, unfeeling, intolerant, selfish, racist, and a hater because… Trump is a homophobe and racist xenophobe mysogynist fascist hater and liar and blowhard.And don’t try to tell them he isn’t.


      1. Apparently no great loss… we’ll be dealing with that soon enough ourselves. Our future parents-in-law are major Bernie supporters.


  2. So true.  Unfortunately so many people only watch CNN and are totally indoctrinated against anything Trump.

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    1. I know! This all goes back three presidents none of which were President Trump. They keep talking about the poor children being separated when they are finding many are not even with their own parents.


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