History Bears This Out . . . U.S. Next?

THEY WANT YOUR CHILDREN, GIRLS, SISTERS, WIFE, MOTHER. They have many parties planned for them. They may be sold as slaves or given away as rewards after a battle. Your boys and girls will be passed around by 12-20 crazy men. THIS IS HISTORY, NOT FICTION. Convert or die. OR START A REVOLUTION. SAY NO TO SHARIA LAW

One thought on “History Bears This Out . . . U.S. Next?

  1. They will be easy to identify, and therefore easy to annihilate. As long as I have the strength and mental clarity to lift a weapon or fire a rifle or pistol, I WILL take as many of these fascist lunatics out as I can – so help me God. Their domestic collaborators will take a bit longer to identify and track down… may I be “blessed” with a long and healthy life.


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