Positively NO!

The problems of the world are there for us to see. Some of us are affected more than others but the daily news brings us all closer to the reality of a generation on a downward spiral. We need a positive thought to offset the negative. And I think I have found it. We need a negative to bring back the positive!

Upon reflection, the answer is in the hands of the females of the world. Yes, I think a lot of what is wrong can be righted by women taking a firm stand with using only one, simple word. The word NO! There is so much of a positive nature that can be accomplished with a negative – a NO.

“The word yes brings trouble, the word no leads to no evil.” Arabic Proverb
The ‘me generation’ could be turned around if there were stronger parents, especially mothers, who would, could, and should say NO more than they do.
Unmarried mothers are at an all-time high. One guess who could have prevented the problem with a heartfelt NO. And where does the ‘positive negativity’ begin? With a mother willing to not only say NO but to give a good example by living with the same rules of life she expects from her children.
The world takes advantage of women because so many women are anxious to be part of the workplace, one of the ‘guys’, They say yes when NO would have taken them along a better path in life.

The fashion moguls dictate scanty outfits, immodesty, and generally ugly fashions. Women must be either brainwashed or afraid to say NO because they go along with the current lack of dress code and self-esteem.
Women want respect yet lower their standards instead of saying NO. Many females bemoan the baring covers of supposedly classy magazines that reveal everything but good taste. Obviously not enough NO’s as they all stay in business. Where would all the popular swimsuit editions be if the stars would object and refuse to pose?

The world doesn’t shape our thoughts, words, and desires. We shape the world either by our active participation or lack of interest in making a change. We can do something and the world changes or we can do nothing and the world will change regardless, but probably not to its betterment.
Why are women calling themselves liberated when they are such slaves to what everyone else thinks and what everyone else does or dictates? Where is the liberation in being the same? We have become such a cookie cutter society. How many times have you seen a chubby woman squeezed into spandex because that is the fashion? What had she done with her liberated right to say NO, and to wear something becoming to her?

Why are so many women forsaking their purity because they are told it doesn’t matter, it is an antiquated notion? The Ten Commandments are pretty old, too. I haven’t heard that God had rewritten them lately. Again, another big NO would save a lot of sin and sorrow.

It is heartbreaking to think of the responsibility we, women have shunned by our silence. Can you imagine the changes in the world if each and every woman on earth began tomorrow with a NO to the sins to which the world wants us to say yes?

“One half the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quick, and not saying no soon enough.” Josh Billings

Barbara M. Barthelette

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