Speaking of Liturgical Abuse . . .

After posting the note from my friend who experienced a wild rendition of a Sunday Mass, it reminded me of one of the most infamous ones I have ever seen. The Puppet Mass is daunting in it’s extreme abuse of Mass as well as, in a way, sort of hilarious presentation as the congregation seemed to be enjoying being a part of the horrible, nightmare quality of the wrongful liturgy.

It made me think about past generations teaching the subsequent ones. Every previous generation had something to leave with us both from the world at large and from beloved grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

My mother used to tell us stories and usually ended with how nice that life mostly tends to improve with age as we learn from the world around us and learn from our mistakes.

If you can stand it, take another few minutes of viewing the YOUTube. Check out the congregation and the priest. Given the general age of those in attendance, aren’t they supposed to be part of the teaching generation for the next? Now, I’d guess that they are mostly of an age to have experienced the dignity of a Latin Mass, knew their catechism, and were raised with modesty and a respect for the church they grew up in . . . What happened?

One thought on “Speaking of Liturgical Abuse . . .

  1. I had this video playing in my brain on Sunday morning during our “sing along” Mass. I can’t watch this again…just too much for my poor heart to handle right now.

    Father, forgive them…(although I have a hard time believing they don’t know how far OFF they are!)


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