History Test Results – The World Is In Serious Trouble!

When you think your children have learned nothing, check out these real exam bloopers.

*Possession by spirits means feeling like the devil.
*A seminary is a place where they bury the dead.
*Yom Kippur was a general in the Japanese Army.
*The result of the Reformation was that people could choose to be either Catholics or Pugilists
*The less said about Nero, the better.
*Before a man could become a monk, he had to have his tonsils cut.
*Buddha is worshiped chiefly in Buddha Pest.
*The names of the three wise men are Winken, Blinken and Nod.
*False doctrine means giving people the wrong medicine.
*The Crusades was a movement to drive the turkeys out of Europe.
*A martyr is something like a bachelor.
*A millennium is like a centennial, only it has more legs.

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