A Home Schooling Math Memory!

A real life school lesson . . .
Mom: Marc, Jane has 5 maps and . . .
Marc: What are maps?
Mom: Maps show the world. So, Jane has 5 maps and Hope has three maps . . .
Marc: What’s Hope?
Mom: A girl’s name.
Marc: Can Hope be a girl’s name?
Mom: Yes! Okay, Jane has 5 maps and Hope has 3 maps. How may maps . . .
Marc: What’s on the maps?
Mom: Countries of the world.
Marc: What countries?
Mom: They don’t say.
Marc: So, what do you think?
Mom: I think we had better figure out the problem!
Marc: The problem about what countries are on the map?
Mom: No, how many maps do both girls have together!
Marc: Jane is a girl’s name, too?
Mom: Yes! How many maps do Jane and Hope have all together?
Marc: Did you tell me how many each had?
Mom: Tell you what, let’s do phonics instead! Today we are learning the “J” sound. Okay, color all the pictures that begin with the sound of “J” like “Jane”.
Marc: Jane? How many maps does this Jane have?

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