Praying for Alfie Evans . . .Urgent!

A happy day for one couple in the United Kingdom, today, as a royal couple welcomed a baby boy this morning. A blessing for them that their child is healthy and they will soon be able to return home with their baby.

In another part of England, there is a large army of police surrounding Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. The police are there to guard a child rather than protect a child who has been a patient in that hospital for months. Today was to be the day the child was basically murdered by the doctors there because they feel he has no chance of a normal life. He have never been diagnosed by the doctors from what I understand but their ‘cure’ is to kill the little boy.

However, the parents are not in agreement with this outcome for their beautiful baby boy who does respond to his father’s voice, stretches on his own, sucks happily on a pacifier, opens his eyes and focuses on his mother’s face. The doctors say it is merely reflexes and it would be a kindness to end the toddler’s life. The parents have been fighting in the courts for months but the judges are supporting the doctors’ intent to bring this baby’s future to an end before he has had a chance to find out if a future is possible.

Is there no one in the world who cares? Google Alfie’s Army and see the masses of people who have been protesting, raising money for legal fees, and supporting the young parents and their little son’s right to have a fighting chance at life. Even more heartening is the concern publicized by the Pope, Father Pavone, a pro-life activist and two hospitals in Italy who are ready, willing, and able to bring the baby to Italy at a moment’s notice. Still, the Alder Hey doctors prefer ending Alfie’s life and thoroughly breaking his loving parents’ hearts.

To show how adamant they are at breaking down the parents and making life difficult for them in what they hope to be Alfie’s last days, they have removed the parent cot in Alfie’s room so they have no place to hold and cuddle their baby or catch a nap during their lengthy vigils with their baby. The hospital also changed their protocol just for Alfie and family by not allowing relatives to hold him unless the staff can remove his ventilator.

You have to wonder what secret this baby boy is hiding that the doctors refuse to release him to another team of doctors who might actually make a diagnosis and give him a chance at a future with his family. Are they embarrassed that they have never even diagnosed Alfie? Are they hiding something they don’t want revealed? Or, are they just angry doctors who don’t want their authority questioned and are pulling their weight by killing a child?

So, while some of the UK rejoices in a new Prince in the royal nursery, a young couple is living minute to minute since the courts have given the Alder Hey staff permission to separate a beautiful child from his life. This is the third publicized baby controversy in the last year . . . the first two died with the ‘help’ of the hospital.

3 thoughts on “Praying for Alfie Evans . . .Urgent!

  1. There’s a bad stench to this situation. I believe you are correct in your assessment that they don’t want to be caught with the admission that they’ve either misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed at all. And they are using the state’s power to enforce their selfish coverup. Keep praying for Alfie.


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