Girl Scout Cookies Leave Something to be Desired . . .

Unfortunately, I meet up with so many parents at church who have girls participating in Girl Scouts. One woman told me she knows about some of the ‘problems’ but the troop her daughters are with doesn’t deal with the ‘bad stuff’. Uh, only meeting your cookie selling goal and sending in the money for the organization to parcel out to Planned Parenthood?

4 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookies Leave Something to be Desired . . .

  1. Yup…like most things, even Girl Scouts is ruined. We never got involved with them nor Boy Scouts and I felt badly that my kids did not get to do some of the better activities through them. Never had enough Catholic homeschooling families around to start Blue Knights or Little Flowers. Fortunately, though, they seem to have not been scarred for life by this decision. 😉

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  2. I know. I boycott all abortion supporters, but…

    It pains me not to help the little girls sell their cookies for their “good causes”… I buy the cookies, because I don’t want to destroy innocence by weighing in with the cruelties of the politically-charged adult world.

    Kids should stay kids as long as possible, they’ll eventually become aware of all the adult shenanigans and how they’ve been used by corporate / political entities, just like we were forced to sell Tidings subscriptions when we were in school. Why rush it? 


    1. Of two minds on that because the girls actually get very little back for all those hours in the sun and rain selling cookies. AND, the money ends up at headquarters where the feminist use the money to fund groups that will eventually be detrimental to those little girls. Where are the conservative nuns and priests and bishops on this? Once the Girl Scouts went south in morality, why didn’t they organize a National Catholic Scout group?

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    2. I understand what you are saying but, in the end, our hard earned money goes toward Planned Parenthood & the like. It is unfortunate but we are not the ones who made the decision for the troops but we can & do have to decide where our money goes & what it will support.


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