Saving Our Babies . . .

It is becoming a ‘normal’ thing in the UK, this allowing babies to die by removing them from life support. The parents of these children find countries and hospitals that will take their babies and give them a chance yet the UK courts and doctors won’t let this happen. They are treating their populations like subjects rather than citizens.

It is hard to understand the continuing mind set. Why would the UK doctors and courts take away the parental rights? It isn’t cost because good people have provided money for the court case and helping them transport the child to a another country and welcoming hospital. Could it be the UK doctors are afraid another medical facility might find a cause that they have failed to diagnosed? Last I read, Alfie Evans doesn’t even have a solid diagnosis yet after all that time on life support.

Now, another, Baby Isaiah, has been removed from life support and three hours later (at this writing) is still breathing on his own. Wouldn’t that be a indication he might need more aggressive care than let a distraught family sit by his bed to see how long he lives before he leaves their arms here on earth?

And, let’s not forget little Charlie Gard who initially brought this all to public attention. When it looked like another diagnosis might have helped him, his case was kept in court until his health seemingly granted the doctors’ decision that he die.

This should be a wake up call to people in the United States and Canada that this sort of thing could easily become a norm here, too. Remember 15-year old Justina Pelletier who was held against her and her families wishes at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, we have to remember all the children who are sick and need medical care and that the doctors in charge of the cases have compassion and respect the choices made by the families.

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