Representing ALL American Citizens

These days, politicians always have their eye on the prize even if it means putting their needs/wants ahead of the people who voted them into office. Shamefully, even with scientific proof staring them in the face, many politicians refuse to consider all their citizens in their decisions. What is even sadder are the female politicians seemingly have no feelings for the unborn at any stage. I suppose the reason for ignoring the humanity of the unborn baby could cause them to lose future elections and figure the loss of their soul is a reasonable trade off.

I pray that the bishops of those dioceses remind the pastors that since these politicians have made their support for abortion a public declaration, they should not be allowed the sacraments.

One thought on “Representing ALL American Citizens

  1. Amen!As Catholics we have a DUTY to tell the truth regarding “abortion” – “pregnancy termination” – “women’s health” – and human rights. No matter how often or how shrill the murderers get about their “rights” and “choices”, it is OUR RIGHT to speak out and counsel these twisted souls and minds with the truth – that all human beings are granted the rights of LIFE, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – BY THEIR CREATOR – no matter what their developmental state.


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