I Wanna Hold Your Hand . . . NOW!

There is always a degree of polite pressure going on at the Our Father in the Novus Ordo Mass. Although it has slowed down a bit, there is still a hard-core group that want to hold hands and don’t mind trying to pressure uninterested parties to join in whether they indicate a desire to do so or not.

I once had an elderly couple behind me that wanted me to do some kind of pretzel gyrations in order for us to all join hands together. I ignored their efforts and they finally decided that I was to be included in their lovefest by each gripping one of my shoulders. rather painfully.

I’m finding it hard to discern the intent deliberation of these people yet, in spite of Our Lord now present on the altar, they seem more interested in getting an unbroken hand-holding line going. My husband and I strictly refrain from following the crowd. Why? BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN THE RUBRICS OF THE MASS AND DOING SO IS AN ILLICIT  GESTURE. Yes, we realize that we are in the minority but being in the minority can actually be more peaceful!

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