President Trump vs. The Oprah

So . . . The Oprah is being singled out as a possible contender for the office of president in the next presidential election. From the get go, the media has demeaned President Trump as being more than insufficient for the job yet the current state of the union and economy reflect a much different picture. I have to wonder exactly what The Oprah would bring to the table to insure the continuation of the United States in freedom and peace. I’ve seen her shed a lot of crocodile tears over the years but never seen her make a solid, well-thought out statement on politics or the world. Seemingly, she is riding on her visibility rather than her intelligence. Yes, she is a good business woman but being the dictator of her own companies, is a bit different than knowing what you are doing in the world wide view.

An interview with her on the current world situation would be interesting as she might spend more time changing the subject to something she can apply in the form of an answer. I remember her glorifying the economic system in Denmark where everyone gets an education for free, everyone works, everything is accessible to everyone one. She didn’t research the massive income tax in the country that keeps people struggling.

She extolled obamacare so how would she defend that now in a presidential debate. As we know, it didn’t work, cost money, and left a lot of people formerly insured without a reasonable policy. Does she have an answer to that or would she just go to a one-payer system where everyone (except The Oprah) would get the same miserable medical attention. England is giving signs of a one-payer going wrong but would The Oprah do real research or weep tears to show her feelings which is easier than dealing – Hashtag#So sad, too bad!

I know how the separation of Church and State would go under her rule. She publically made her case about Christianity years ago. I remember an interview she had with a delightful group of nuns on her show (the only reason I watched the show that day!) and a constant refrain to their celibate choice of life was, “What about sex?” Sex won’t last into eternity but God will although God doesn’t seem too high on her list of priorities. Given her lifestyle choices, the Ten Commandments aren’t high on her list of things to do . . . or not do.

And how would she deal with racism? Again, she publically stated that the problem with racism in the country are the old people who were raised racist and haven’t changed their way. She put out her ‘cure’ in an interview.

Also, I’ve not heard her view on massive immigration, illegal immigration, terrorism, etc. Guess she doesn’t even think about the wall as she has lived in safety and protection. Anyway, a The Oprah vs. President Trump campaign should be interesting. President Trump has proof that he knows how to help and make laws for the country and The Oprah has minions to protect her from the hard questions and set traps for President Trump.

As mentioned before, we have people that PRAY while The Oprah has those that PREY.

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