2 thoughts on “Enough Said . . .

  1. TRUTH! This is what doomed the first white settlements in America – not the weather or disease or attacks by natives… Their socialist societies soon settled into the “doers” and the “takers” – and who wants to be slaves to those that do not contribute?

    The farms produced less, people starved or got sick… end of the experiment.


    1. Rush Limbaugh reads the notes from the first pilgrims that landed in America every year at Thanksgiving and tells how America almost didn’t survive! Wonder how much the snowflakes would like socialism when they are told they only have five minutes internet time a day because EVERYONE should have some, too, even if they don’t pay. Same with food, cars, keeping money earned, etc. As some song went, ‘You won’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone . . .”


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