Donald Trumps the Georges Any Day of the Week!

Pondering the events of the last few months, I have come to the conclusion that the only benefit of having voted for George Bush was possibly slowing down the liberal advancement a bit. Turns out, however, his own heart doesn’t seem to have been in it given the snide remarks made by both Bush Senior and Bush Junior of late. I find it interesting that I voted for the Republican Bush ticket two elections in a row but come to find out that, perhaps, it wasn’t all that Republican or that Conservative.

This last election was a wild ride and ended with a vote that clearly pointed out to the politicians that voting ‘as usual’ didn’t happen when Donald Trump won the White House. Since, in spite of liberal media reporting, he won fair and square and drew massive crowds for his speeches as opposed to Hillary’s tiny boring speech events, the White House, Congress and Senate were historically won by the Republicans. You would think that things would run a bit smoother and more would be getting done. Remember how many ‘Republicans’ won their own home state elections declaring that if only Republicans regained control, obamacare would be overturned, immigration problems would be fixed, and taxes would be made more bearable?

President Trump has tried twice to reform obamacare and Republicans shut him down. President Trump has tried twice to limit immigration from problem countries to protect America’s citizens. He was shut down in all his efforts. Now, they are working on tax reform with lowering taxes and keeping American businesses IN America and the democrats, Republicans, and media are working hard at shutting him down.

During all the disasters of the obama administration, eight long years, the former Bush presidents were totally silent. They said that it wasn’t their place to interfere in the current president of that era’s legislation. Suddenly, however, they have crept out of the tumble weeds of Texas to denounce and defame President Trump . . . just like the liberal media and the democrats. Uh, aren’t they supposed to be Republicans? Shouldn’t they support whoever is in office to maintain the integrity of the party?

Makes you wonder how the country could change for the better if the Republicans stuck together and helped each other and were open to BEING Republicans not republican wannabes? No, Trump is not one of the heirloom politicians with dynasty wishes. For all intents and purposes, he seems to want to improve the country without any benefit to himself. He has given up an independent life to work for the country. Yet the McCains, Bushes, etc. would like to see him fail. That is what is so ludicrous. They think Trump is ruining the country and feel that undermining him and hoping to give him four years of nothing will be good for the country. President Trump is trying to give us change for the good and the afore-mentioned just want to take him down like ignorant bullies in the schoolyard without any thought of the final results.

Perhaps you didn’t vote for President Trump. Maybe you disagree with his blunt response to current problems but it is nice to have someone loud, aggressive, and intent on making American great again, than some of the soft-spoken, hesitant pastel politicians of bygone administrations. For me, it is nice to finally HAVE a Republican in the White House during these current upheavals in the world. And shame on the Republicans with a voice in the world who constantly demean him. It doesn’t make you a great man or better person to denounce someone in your own party. If you can’t support and help make the country a better place through your party and what it is supposed to stand for, you are a poor excuse for a Republican and an untrustworthy person.

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