Nationwide Listeria Outbreak

The modern world still has it’s problems with food and safety. Since this one deals with vegetables and prepackaged vegetable mixes, it could have far-reaching effects. The stores are listed along with what could be a problem item.

2 thoughts on “Nationwide Listeria Outbreak

  1. Several people and their families have had a “stomach virus” here at work since the weekend.One poor child has had to go to the hospital for dysentery and dehydration already.


    1. Seems like in a world that has sanitation, good drinking water, etc., we’d have the ‘virus’ problems under control. Last I heard, the ice machines at restaurants were still harboring more than frozen water at times. I read they have been running random checks on places like KFC and Burger King in the UK and coming up with traces of fecal matter! Wonder if the US counterparts are any better?

      Uh, we are more and more getting to prefer food cooked and prepared in our own kitchen.


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