The Prayer of Blessing Against Storms

The Prayer or Blessing Against Storms
Jesus Christ, a King of Glory, has come in peace. God became man, and the Word was made flesh. Christ was born of a virgin. Christ suffered. Christ was crucified. Christ died. Christ rose from the dead. Christ ascended into heaven. Christ Conquers. Christ Reigns. Christ orders. May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning. Christ went through their midst in peace and the Word was made flesh. Christ is with us with Mary. Flee, you enemy spirits, because the Lion of the Generation of Juda, the Root of David, has won. Holy God! Holy Powerful God! Holy Immortal God! Have mercy on us. Amen!
(This prayer originated in a convent and church in Lisbon, Portugal. Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) ordered it published.

2 thoughts on “The Prayer of Blessing Against Storms

  1. Beautiful prayer – thank you, Barbara. Praying this for our relatives and friends in Lakeland, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, and Orlando.


    1. In all the years Carl lived in Florida, he doesn’t remember anything the likes of this coming through St. Petersburg/Tampa. His sister got out of there, yesterday. Last we heard, his brother wasn’t leaving. We only have his work number so can’t reach him to yell at him so praying he got some sense before it is too late.


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